Diffusion Fiber Plate

Diffusion Fiber Plates (DFP) are manufactured in compliance with European standard EN 622-5 as MDF.RWH type and are defined as rigid underlays in roofs and walls. Thanks to its properties as low weight and high vapor permeability the material is suitable for special use in sandwich construction envelopes of wood-framed houses. DFP boards on the exterior side and with OSB boards on the interior side of the wood frame create so-called diffusion-open construction system of building envelope.


EN 316, EN 622-5 - type MDF.RWH; EN 13501-1: class E

Formaldehyde class

E1 (EN 120)


- Easy processing
- Environmentally friendly and Recyclable
- Homogenous board


- Insulation Board for diffusion-open system structures of building envelopes

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