High Density Fiberboard

High Density Fiberboard (HDF) is an engineered board produced from resin bonded wood fibers under high pressure and heat. HDF is a non-load-bearing product for interior use in dry conditions. HDF, due to its very fine surface, is suitable for different coatings – veneering, laminating, painting and varnishing. Kronospan HDF is available in a variety of thicknesses, and a sanded surface to one or both sides.


EN 316; EN 622-1

Formaldehyde Class

E1 (EN 120)


- High stability
- Increased density
- Smooth surface
- Suitable for surfaces applications (melamine facing, foil, veneer, etc.)
- Unfinished


- Furniture components
- Cupboard backs
- Doors, partitions
- Draw bases
- Packaging
- Shutters
- Substitute to hardboard

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